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Throughout the year Daniels Equipment Co, Inc. offers FREE one day service school seminars as an added value for choosing Daniels Equipment Co, Inc. Our classes cover troubleshooting, general maintenance, parts identification and their varying functions as well as computer components and programming.

Our service training expert will demonstrate proper laundry equipment operation. In-depth discussions on installation, maintenance and diagnostic methods also will be conducted to give you a new perspective on maintaining and servicing laundry equipment. You will learn how to read wiring diagrams, troubleshoot and diagnose electrical problems, understand and diagnose electromechanical and microprocessor controls, and learn about all types of equipment.

Whether you’re an experienced service technician or want to learn more about your machines, these seminars will take you step-by-step through the many aspects of your laundry equipment.

On September 17th our service school will be going virtual. We understand not everyone is comfortable with, or cannot attend, social gatherings, so this event will be streamed live. Customers will be able to login from anywhere to join the class, ask questions, see equipment, and talk to our knowledgeable instructors.

On the scheduled dates, classes begin at 9:00 AM and will conclude at about 3:00 PM. We primarily cover troubleshooting, general maintenance, parts identification and their varying functions, computer components and programming, when applicable. 

For more information or to sign-up for one of our up and coming service schools, call us at 1-800-258-3570 ext. 135 or email Jessica at soucyj@decequip.com.

2020 Service School Dates


On-Premise Laundry
   September 17th

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On-Premise Laundry Service School Brochure

Vended/Coin Laundry Service School Brochure

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