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UniMac has been manufacturing commercial laundry equipment for over 50 years. By now, we know a thing or two about what it takes to cost effectively operate a laundry room. Through the years we have helped our customers to improve working conditions for laundry room staff, lower operating expenses in their department and increase cash flow for their company. Relax, you can count on UniMac to provide the Expert Solution for your particular challenge.

Selecting the right equipment for your laundry can be a confusing decision. UniMac has more than 100 combinations of washer capacities and extraction speeds. Often decisions are based upon the lowest priced equipment, not knowing it is actually the most expensive to own during the equipment life.

When choosing which machine(s) to purchase there are five key goals to consider:

Labor-Cost Savings

Did you know labor costs eat up 50% of your laundry dollar? Imagine the thousands of dollars you'd save if you could reduce, by even 30 minutes daily, the man-hours it takes to process laundry!

Utility-Cost Savings

Utility costs account for approximately 10% of your laundry dollar. By selecting laundry equipment with advanced features, utility costs can be controlled. If a typical laundry facility processes around 4000 cycles per year, even small savings per cycle will really add up. UniMac's UWTV series has the solution for controlling your utility costs.

Value For Your Money

Cost and value are not synonymous. Often the lowest-priced laundry equipment ends up being the most expensive to own in terms of maintenance, performance and ease-of-use. One way of measuring a washer-extractor's value is to take a look at standard features.

Proven Performance

You want your decision to be a lasting one, so choose a washer-extractor that is durable and virtually maintenance-free, with a proven performance history. You won't find another washer-extractor with the durability and performance record of UniMac's UWTV series.


UniMac's warranty is your insurance policy. We demonstrate our confidence in our UWTV's by giving you the best warranty in the industry. UniMac provides a 5-year warranty on the frame, basket, shaft, bearings and seals if failure or breakage should occur during normal operation due to defects in material or workmanship. A full 3-year warranty is also issued to the original purchaser on all other parts.

For more information click on the images below or email us at sales@decequip.com or call 1-800-258-3570.

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